Videodefunct Pedestrian

An experimental form of online interactive documentary produced for a net-art exhibition.

Videodefunct Pedestrian (2007) is an experimental website that explores the intersection between art and blogging practices. Made up of video content Videodefunct: Pedestrian is a hybrid form of video blog that has been produced in a customised web system, created in an open source blogging software. The key objective of this research is to explore a form of online video that responds to the affordances of the Internet. This is a type of narrative structure and web system that enables the production of content that differs from the linear, single window clips that users are familiar with on the video sharing website YouTube. Included in this inquiry are not only the development of customised web systems but also the parallel production of content that provides a theoretical perspective on the implications for documentary practice and the creation of documentary knowledge.

A video screencast of the work.


Deverell, K, Keen, S & Wolf, D 2007, Videodefunct Pedestrian JavaMuseum: The New Museum of Networked Art Cologne, Germany, Interactive online video,

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