Timor Leste Water Narratives

A consultant role on an ARC Discovery project documenting water narratives in Timor Leste.

In this project I collaborated with the anthropologist Dr. Lisa Palmer, the chief investigator on an ARC Discovery Project, ‘Reconnecting with Water: Lessons from a diverse economy’, 2010-2013 (DP1095131), Department of Resource Management and Geography, The University of Melbourne. My role was to assist with designing a framework for recording audio-visual content in Timor Leste, for publication in an online audio-visual archive. The documentation involved geotagging photography, audio and video content that recorded water source locations and the stories associated with those places. This project extended processes I had developed in the Bogota Colombia and Locative Painting projects, in relation to designing systems and frameworks for collecting, classifying and archiving audio-visual content.


Keen, S & Palmer, L 2010, Wai Lia Bere, Australia Research Council, The University of Melbourne, Community Screening, Darasula Village, Documentary.

The online archive – kulturatimorhobee.com

Book – Water Politics and Spiritual Ecology: Custom, Environmental Governance and Development
By Lisa Palmer

Figure: Quintiliano Mok at a waterhead in Maubisse.

Figure: Quintiliano Mok in mountains, Maubisse region.

Figure: Lisa Palmer and Balthasar Kehi at the East-West Timor Border with West Timor in background.