The Grampians

A Video iBook work published in an online journal.


The project brings together a number of videographers from other countries and is published in the online journal Axon.

Miles, Adrian, Jennifer Proctor, Kath O’Donnell, Matt Soar, Seth Keen and Will Luers. “Quickened: A Video iBook.” Axon: Creative Explorations 3.1 (2013): n. pag., (select page 3) (direct link and download pdf, video ibook)

The description from the editor Adrian Miles on the project:


One (lyricism)

Quickened—a Video Book provided the opportunity for a scholarly community of media practitioners to critically and poetically experiment with the formal possibilities of new technologies of media making, distribution and viewing. Through the use of the iPad and iBook as platform and medium the project proposes that this screen is intimate, personal and private and distinct from the semi-anonymous public viewing experience of the cinema and the socialised familial incandescence of television. Here multimodal and mixed media work have the opportunity to develop the personal intimacies that historically were facilitated by the physical form of the novel (Watt 2010). This has been made literal in Quickened by enframing the work through what can historically be considered a ‘proto-novel’ by inviting contributors to use a passage from the 11th-century Japanese classic The pillow book of Sei Shonagon to document or describe something that quickens their heart.


I submitted six video clips that document several landscapes painted by Eugene Von Guérard in 1856, in the Grampian National Park in Victoria, Australia. In reference to the theme, I work with influences from ‘romanticism’ and the notion of the ‘sublime’. The aim was to express how the landscape made me feel at each of the locations documented.

Screenshots of the pages from the Video iBook:




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