Purrumbete Verandah

A video interpretation of two landscape paintings.


Purrumbete Verandah (2009) was produced for the touring exhibition in the Stony Rises Project. This video work was adapted from material recorded for the Locative Painting project that I produced earlier. The work is a representation of two locations painted by the landscape painter Eugene Von Guérard in the Corangamite Region. These two paintings are From the verandah of Purrumbete 1858 and Purrumbete from across the lake 1858.

The following description of this prototype website is taken from a chapter I wrote in Designing Place: An Archaeology of the Western District (p.32):

Video is used to record the view across Lake Purrumbete from the verandah of the Purrumbete Homestead. Edited into this shot are shots of local fishermen and a view of the Purrumbete Homestead recorded from picnic point on Lake Purrumbete. Caught up in the tranquility of this location, I slipped into the pace of the fishermen and their interaction with Lake Purrumbete. They become a pivot for differing viewpoints on the verandah location.

This video work was presented in the gallery on a small LED screen with sound that was hung on the wall at eye level.

Exhibitions, Screenings, Publications

Keen, S 2012, Purrumbete Verandah, Placeness, 8th International Berlin Directors Lounge, Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin, Single-channel video.

Keen, S 2010, Purrumbete Verandah, Stony Rises Project, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Single-channel video.

Keen, S. 2010, ‘Purrumbete Verandah’, in Designing Place: An Archaeology of the Western District, Melbourne Books, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 32-35.

Video frames from the work:

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz001

Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz004

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