Mt William Station Lagoon, 2013

A video work for the international Narrating Place project.

Narrating Place background (from the about web page):

The aim of Narrating Place is to explore through a series of 45 second video pieces, a diversity of ways of narrating the experience and representation of place. The phenomenon of place is a rich concept rooted in how we perceive and conceive our environment. This is a concept which deserves continual critical and exploratory work to develop ways to understand how, through spatial and subjective experience we narrate a particular place. Individuals were invited to contribute to this work based on the curatorial team’s knowledge of their work and interest in the subjective representation of place. The invited participants come from the Americas, Europe and Australasia. The outcome is this rich mix will result in a unique commentary on and contribution to the affective cartographies of place.

Mt William Station Lagoon, 2013 from Narrating Place on Vimeo.

Video work background:

This video documents a landscape painted by Eugene Von Guérard ‘Mount William and part of the Grampians in West Victoria, 1865′. Working with influences from Romanticism, Von Guérard’s original painting depicts a lush, idyllic lagoon with several emus at the water edge and the majestic Mt William and sawtooth Serra Range in the background. In contrast to this painting, this single shot taken from a location near where Von Guérard stood captures a vast and arid landscape.


This work is published online and screened in a 15 minute compilation at the Design Research Institute at RMIT University, as part of the DIGITAL INTERVENTION SERIES.

Screenshots from the Narrating Place website for the project: