www ethics (future video)

An article in NYT titled by Adam Cohen titled “Why the Democratic Ethic of the World Wide Web May Be About to End” which references video: Consider online video, which depends on the availability of higher-speed connections. Internet users can now watch channels, like BBC World, that are not available on their own cable systems, Read more about www ethics (future video)[…]

Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us

PIcked this up off the aoir list, a discussion about a video on YouTube titled ‘Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us’ that takes a swipe at web 2.0. A critique of the video on the on the Media @ LSE Group weblog in the post ‘Dangerously overstating the significance of Web 2.0’ Quote: “It suggests Read more about Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us[…]