hammering vlogs

Jay Dedman and Ryanne Hodson packed a bit into their workshop session as part of the Videodefunct and Showinabox: Hitting vlogging with a hammer workshop at montevideo in Amsterdam. The showinabox community are frustrated with the way a blog content management system handles video. The video clips posted chronologically cause a big part of this Read more about hammering vlogs[…]

Hitting vlogging with a hammer

I have been organising a vlogging workshop/presentation at Montevideo in Amsterdam. A summary of the workshop came together today. Videodefunct and Showinabox: Hitting vlogging with a hammer date: Thursday Jan 17 from 12.00 – 17.00 place: Workspace in the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Keizersgracht 264 Amsterdam A workshop presented in two parts that looks at Read more about Hitting vlogging with a hammer[…]

1000 stories

1000 stories is a project by Florian Thalhofer and Mark Simon. These are vignettes of people in a type of environmental portraiture style. Florian in a vlog structure publishes candid interviews where he lets the people talk openly, along with short clips that he narrates their personal stories over the top of with subtitles in Read more about 1000 stories[…]

What is a videoblog?

Defining what a ‘videoblog’ is comes close to defining what constitutes ‘new media’. Both mean different things to different people within varying contexts. In this instance, the definition of video meets the definition of blog. But, there does not seem to be the same confusion around the definition of blogging. Video in this equation after Read more about What is a videoblog?[…]


T-Vlog …is a participatory tv-platform – a direct link between viewer and transmission. Videos uploaded here are transmitted on Copenhagen local-tv station tv-tv. You too can become a t-vlogger! The Art of the Overhead The way that Microsoft’s PowerPoint application owes its concept to the Overhead is a schoolbook example of remediation. Yet, is it Read more about t-vlog[…]

malmo networked media

There is some interesting initiatives going on in and around Malmo University (Sweden) in Media and Communication. Networked Digital Storytelling is a course that critically explores the artistic possibilities of new networked media such as videoblogs, social media, mashups and locative media. Participants in the course use these technologies in a series of workshops built Read more about malmo networked media[…]