iPad social camera

I am on a train and an iPad is being passed around as a camera device. An app that allows you to create special effects as you record is being used to share images. Those type of effects would be applied in post-production usually. The iPad is a social camera device in post-production.

Storytelling System – Cowbird

Cowbird From the website about (big plans): Cowbird is a simple tool for telling stories
 and a public library of human experience. We are a small community of storytellers, interested in telling deeper, longer-lasting, more nourishing stories than you’re likely to find anywhere else on the Web.Cowbird allows you to keep a beautiful audio-visual diary Read more about Storytelling System – Cowbird[…]

MU (muse code name) HTML5 Video

Plan to collect some notes in this blog post on the adobe MU (muse code name) web development application. Mainly working with HTML5 video. Jim passed this information on from his early experiments with this app. Resources: video conversion:Uses ogg files – sourceforge media convertor Jim’s notes : After installed, go to preferences and click Read more about MU (muse code name) HTML5 Video[…]