NGO-VD prototype (notes 1#)

Following are the varying themes and aspects of the NGO project: Narrative classification; taxonomy; folksonomy; ontologies; annotation archives granularity; fragmentation multilinear; spatial montage Temporality singular shots – temporal montage; no edits adds to reality multiple windows – spatial montage; repetition; multiple perspectives short duration Technologies open source licenses Internet – semantic web? online video – Read more about NGO-VD prototype (notes 1#)[…]

GRC November 2008

I have not written much about a project that myself and the VD collective have been working on for the last few months with an International NGO. Mainly because it involves the applied commercial development of the VD system. But with another School Graduate Research Conference (GRC) looming in a week, I think it is Read more about GRC November 2008[…]

links for 2008-08-25 A critique of Danah Boyd's perspective on social networking. (tags: socialnetworks research web2.0 networkedmedia) Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship A detailed historical analysis of social networking. (tags: networkedmedia teaching socialnetworks) A great site for checking cache issues on websites (tags: tools geek)

rhizome videodefunct comparsion

I had these thoughts on some similarities between AM’s rhizomes and the v-defunct player, when I was replying to a videoblogging mail list post. The project certainly has been influenced by Adrian’s work with vogs and his writing on softvideography and the VD collective are similarily interested in exploring video on the Internet beyond being Read more about rhizome videodefunct comparsion[…]

videodefunct notes

The conventional main edit in a way then happens in the actual videodefunct player where the categories and tags that are added to each shot, along with how the player is configured influence the way the shots are brought together by the user.

…This plug-in is used to tidy up tags afterwards where for example a tag that only features once may be folded into a tag name that is represented a number of times on varying clips.


Banter The Banter prototype is an audiovisual report on the videodefunct project that provides a critique and background details on the system. Banter will evolve as AV material is collected and added.