Spark Pikselin workshop

Notes from Brian Smith’s workshop (mainly directed at students): Smith used keynote in the spark presentation to demonstrate interaction design. In this workshop he provided insights into using actions in keynote to create these moves and use it as a visualisation tool. Creating interfaces and mock ups working between photoshop and keynote. Types of development: Read more about Spark Pikselin workshop[…]

Pikselin web development

Brian Smith from Shift presented on Pikselin today at Spark. These are my notes/prespective on the presentation and workshop: Summarised overview of User Experience Design (Semantic Studios overview) process: Communication – visual design Structure – information architecture Manipulation – interaction design User experience (quotes) ‘the web is more than websites’ – it is ‘products, services, Read more about Pikselin web development[…]

Spark Workshop Production 2#

+ Introduction – background and video technical skills + What is Korsakow? + Korsakow overview + Prepared content discussion – Spark Workshop Preparation 1# + Preparing Media Assets a. Project Organisation b. Make the Thumbnails/previews + Making the k-film c. K-film anatomy d. Snuifying e. Exports and testing + Publication offline/online Offline publication is as Read more about Spark Workshop Production 2#[…]