Pool notes (lecture John Jacobs)

In fact part of what find interesting about the relationship the POOl is setting up with ABC prosumers is the way through specific call outs that people submitting content can get feedback on their work from experienced media producers. … I think the idea of there being a best work in a user-generated environment dissolves to a large degree, with the focus shifting to what is relevant for the user and what they are interested in specifically.

ABC Multiplatform

Fill manages as described in the program four strategic areas: Internet Broadcasting; Convergence Production; the development of ABC TV Communities, and th development of a contextual websites that support ABC TV programs on the Internet, on hand held devices and emerging platforms…. Fill presented 3 key Me TV areas: Me TV – as content creator (mash up tools; collective contribution Me TV – as viewer Me Tv – as participant (multi-user creating content yourself; i.e storm hawks; ‘fanging it’ ) fanging it is an example of the ABCs push to create UGC content through the creation of distinct communities.

XML XMedia Lab (Melbourne)

It was a busy 3 days attending the XML Media Lab in Melbourne “DIY TV”: Video, UGC, Mobile and IP TV content and services conference on the Friday and workshopping the Videodefunct (VD) project in the Lab over the weekend. I have taken a number of notes from the conference keynote speakers which I plan Read more about XML XMedia Lab (Melbourne)[…]

online documentary questions

The BBC Innovation Labs 2007 covers amongst other things some valid questions on online documentary production. Note ‘UGC’ is an acronym for User-Generated Content. Cross Platform Documentary: The growth of social media services had led to an explosion of new and innovative ways of realising and delivering documentary online. How can films be made, presented, Read more about online documentary questions[…]