links for 2008-08-25 A critique of Danah Boyd's perspective on social networking. (tags: socialnetworks research web2.0 networkedmedia) Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship A detailed historical analysis of social networking. (tags: networkedmedia teaching socialnetworks) A great site for checking cache issues on websites (tags: tools geek)

Social Networking (lecture 2008)

Michael Dieter gave a guest lecture in Networked Media this week on Social Networking. These are my notes and perspective. He was quick to point out how the concept of “networked individualism …hyper-individualism” seems to become the precedent – a centric, narcissitic approach that contradicts the community potential of social software. His image of a Read more about Social Networking (lecture 2008)[…]

links for 2008-08-22

Automatic image annotation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A wikipedia reference for thinkng about the process of anotating video clips. (tags: videodefunct tagging annotation taxonomy) Participatory Media Literacy / Participatory Media Literacy This wiki-based curriculum combines texts that address the social, political, economic, cultural aspects of participatory media with practical instructions in the use of Read more about links for 2008-08-22[…]

Facebook & Ning (social networking)

An extensive Snurblog post that examines social networking aspects of Ning and Facebook. So in essence, Facebook’s enforced flattening of the complexities of social relationships into a binary yes/no choice dilutes the salience of its social network to the point of uselessness…And indeed, I guess, ultimately that’s what it is: a vortex, a maelstrom, a Read more about Facebook & Ning (social networking)[…]

pim wiki garderning

We the pimmers (post-industrial media) meet to do some wiki garderning on the pim wiki. We discussed seeing a wiki as a non-architecture entity that is link driven. Adrian suggested that we needed to think of a “promicious linking” where as you write you think about what could be written into that writing as way Read more about pim wiki garderning[…]

thumb candy – blog based documentary

Chris let me know recently about a online documentary that he made titled ‘Thumb Candy’ on SMS text culture in the Philipphines that he put together within a blog. He gives Videodefunct a plug on the More about the project page as being an influence on using tagging and a blog to classify the video Read more about thumb candy – blog based documentary[…]