Seth Keen PhD

Download exegesis pdf (14.2 MB): Netvideo Nonvideo Newvideo: Designing a multilinear nonnarrative form for interactive documentary Compressed version 5MB Abstract: This research explores interactive documentary and focuses on identifying how the affordances of video, computers and the network can be used to create a web of relations between shots within an interactive documentary that utilises Read more about Seth Keen PhD[…]

Documentary Producing and Interactive Platforms

AFTRS 2012 Masters thesis ‘Documentary Producing and Interactive Platforms: Opportunities, Evolving Processes and the Changing Craft’ by Atalanti Dionysus of The Journey of Documentary website. This research question led to investigation of some of the changes that have occurred in the documentary filmmaking industry and consideration of how approaches toward making a documentary are shifting, Read more about Documentary Producing and Interactive Platforms[…]

NGV presentation

I presented the locative painting project last week at the NGV. I was in the company of the artist John Wolesley and Dr Ruth Pullin who is curating the upcoming Eugene Von Guerard ‘Nature Revealed’ exhibition at the NGV. The three presentations provided some very different perspectives on Von Guerard.

Double Life Opening

The Double Life contemporary art exhibition opened last night at the RMIT Project Space/Spare Room. With a life in the city and in the country these artist/researchers work with their rural environments. A few pictures from the opening. Curator Lisa Byrne. An ash stencil on the floor ‘Bastards Neck’ part of Lesley Duxbury’s work. Talking Read more about Double Life Opening[…]

practice-led research references

AM sent a link to some Select Bibliography for Practice as Research in Performance (last updated 23 March 2005) PARIP Practice as Research in Performance, University of Bristol. The peformance angle also appeared recently in this other UK call for essay posted earlier emphermal online video. And the local, The Speculation and Innovation (SPIN) conference Read more about practice-led research references[…]


Meet with JJ the other day and he spoke about RDF being the next thing to watch on the web. From W3C: Today’s web is built predominantly for human consumption. Even as machine-readable data begins to appear on the web, it is typically distributed in a separate file, with a separate format, and no correspondence Read more about RDF[…]