Wordle Video Archive Panel

The four abstracts from: Rueben Staton, Seth Keen, Adrian Miles and Grayson Cooke put together for the NonfictioNow video archive panel. (Click to view larger version) The panel precis: Nonfiction, narrative, and the archive: Audio Visual Experiments In this panel the relationship of the audio visual archive to narrative and nonfiction will be investigated. Each Read more about Wordle Video Archive Panel[…]

INC Publishing presentation

Geert Lovink speaking at New School on publishing initiatives and innovative approaches at Institute of Network Cultures. Geert Lovink, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam from The Politics of Digital Culture on Vimeo. Do-It-Together: Digital Publishing Experiments at the Institute of Network Cultures

labsome exegesis (production orientated)

In the notes on project-based Honours research in labsome AM in his discussion on this type of research as an introduction for examiners, sums up what is expected in the exegesis. There are two approaches to this type of research, The first is production focused with the objective to produce media objects. The second is Read more about labsome exegesis (production orientated)[…]

a soft book on software studies

Nate just sent me Lev’s latest book Software Takes Command which you can downoad as pdf or doc. It is licensed under CC and the book takes on some of the characteristics of software (from the opening page): One of the advantages of online distribution which I can control is that I don’t have to Read more about a soft book on software studies[…]

links for 2008-09-01

Aspen Movie Map – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia An early (1978) visual hypermedia mapping project of a city publihsed on laserdisc (tags: mapping interactive hypermedia research) X|Media|Lab – Tech – adikted.tv (beta) Adikted publish the xml keynotes from the videodefunct melbourne DIY TV lab (tags: videodefunct internettv) Scott's Bio | Scott Sigler: Bestselling Horror Author Read more about links for 2008-09-01[…]

open book example

Lisa Gye posted this open book example ‘The Googlization of Everything’ by Siva Vaidhyanathanto to the fc list. The author Siva Vaidhyanathan uses the open book process (Institute for the Future of the Book) to critique Google. The book is a “book blog” and Vaidhyanathanto lays out some major research questions in the summary: This Read more about open book example[…]