Seth Keen PhD

Download exegesis pdf (14.2 MB): Netvideo Nonvideo Newvideo: Designing a multilinear nonnarrative form for interactive documentary Compressed version 5MB Abstract: This research explores interactive documentary and focuses on identifying how the affordances of video, computers and the network can be used to create a web of relations between shots within an interactive documentary that utilises Read more about Seth Keen PhD[…]

Research Project Workshop

Yesterday, I attended a ‘From question to project’ workshop held by the Non-fiction Research Group to develop a research question into a projects for research funding. This workshop was valuable to start putting in place the skills needed to write a proposal for potential ARC Linkage/Discovery and industry funding. Some brief notes: A very clear Read more about Research Project Workshop[…]

Practice to research

Got to the last hour of a discussion on the transition from practice to research. I need to follow up on the journal material thinking. The speaker Nancy de Freitas (AUT) mentioned another creative journal to check out. The other speaker Daniel Mafe (QUT) referred to the transition from practitioner to research-practitioner. Daniel has a Read more about Practice to research[…]

More notes on 'Reflection-in-Action'

I was reading Donald Schön’s book, Educating the reflective practitioner and an idea struck me in regards to writing up the projects in my research. One way to avoid the descriptive approach is to reflect on each project using Schön’s ‘Reflection-in-Action’ concept. This would also suit an iterative approach towards the project development. The difference Read more about More notes on 'Reflection-in-Action'[…]