Video Post-industrial Media 0.5

Adrian Miles has made the ‘Post-industrial Video 0.5′ resource available as an insight into teaching practices occurring in the Media program at RMIT University. An excerpt from the post-industrial education webpage: Content still matters, but the experience of learning and being a media practitioner as a mindful, reflective, and critical maker and contributor are explicitly Read more about Video Post-industrial Media 0.5[…]

Post Industrial Media: Education? – publication

A ibook publication from the Post Industrial Media: Education? seminar available on iTunes – A big thanks to Adrian Miles for conceptualising the Post-industrial Media idea and bringing this together, along with editing and publishing the ibook. The rumblings ramblings of a Post-industrial Media Producer Maker riff, I wrote for the publication in a Read more about Post Industrial Media: Education? – publication[…]

Riff – Before and After: On Becoming a Reflexive Practitioner

The riff for the 2nd PIM symposium on critical practice that I read off an iphone. (I got the line length by making it fit the iphone screen) A technique I plan to use again as it creates a certain type of rhythm with the read. I need to add a before and after image. Read more about Riff – Before and After: On Becoming a Reflexive Practitioner[…]

Post-industrial Media Maker Riff

A riff written for a post-industrial media e-publication in a public google doc which is open for additions. ———— The rumblings ramblings of a Post-industrial Media Producer Maker Reflexivity is the norm, rumblings came from the ipad autocorrect feature This riff is written in the cloud, on a blog, google doc, ipad, powerbook, scribbled in Read more about Post-industrial Media Maker Riff[…]

Interactive Documentary Conference, 2012

Interactive documentary event, i-Docs 2012, Digital Cultures Research Centre ( Looks at tagging, locative and HTML5 video. Names to add to my word cloud ‘web-docs, cross-media docs, cross-platform docs, locative docs, docu-games, installations, digital performative docs…’.From the about on the website: This is a space for people that want to know more about interactive documentaries Read more about Interactive Documentary Conference, 2012[…]

pim wiki garderning

We the pimmers (post-industrial media) meet to do some wiki garderning on the pim wiki. We discussed seeing a wiki as a non-architecture entity that is link driven. Adrian suggested that we needed to think of a “promicious linking” where as you write you think about what could be written into that writing as way Read more about pim wiki garderning[…]