PIM 2# – Critical Practice

I had a crack at the Second PIM (Post-Industrial Media) symposium hosted with the guest Professor Andrew Morrison. I produced the riff ‘Before and After: On Becoming a Reflexive Practitioner’. These calls come up fast with a short turnaround amongst the chaos of the weekly flotsam and jetsam. I have been getting a lot out Read more about PIM 2# – Critical Practice[…]

Documentary and Design

Picked up a useful reference today at Professor Andrew Morrison‘s presentation, a PhD thesis titled ‘Design Documentaries: Using Documentary Film to Inspire Design’. The postgrad Bas was supervised by Tony Dunne. Danielle Wild passed on the reference. From the abstract: With design documentaries, this research introduces documentary film as a new addition to the multidisciplinary Read more about Documentary and Design[…]

Notes on stories related to locations

I found this article ‘Linking geographical facts with cartographic artifacts” by Bill Cartwright really useful when I first started thinking about issues around to many talking heads in the Real Vision: Colombia prototype developed with World Vision and the final Bogota:Colombia online version. The age-old documentary problem of there being to many expert opinions (as Read more about Notes on stories related to locations[…]

NGO-VD prototype (notes 1#)

Following are the varying themes and aspects of the NGO project: Narrative classification; taxonomy; folksonomy; ontologies; annotation archives granularity; fragmentation multilinear; spatial montage Temporality singular shots – temporal montage; no edits adds to reality multiple windows – spatial montage; repetition; multiple perspectives short duration Technologies open source licenses Internet – semantic web? online video – Read more about NGO-VD prototype (notes 1#)[…]

GRC November 2008

I have not written much about a project that myself and the VD collective have been working on for the last few months with an International NGO. Mainly because it involves the applied commercial development of the VD system. But with another School Graduate Research Conference (GRC) looming in a week, I think it is Read more about GRC November 2008[…]

MCD feedback

Today, I presented the ‘Glasshouse Birdman’ prototype in a MCD studio postgraduate session. Many people present where not aware of my research topic. I decided not to provide any context to see what people thought I was researching. Initially there seemed to be some frustration with how the prototype was presented, especially if as I Read more about MCD feedback[…]

Hitting vlogging with a hammer

I have been organising a vlogging workshop/presentation at Montevideo in Amsterdam. A summary of the workshop came together today. Videodefunct and Showinabox: Hitting vlogging with a hammer date: Thursday Jan 17 from 12.00 – 17.00 place: Workspace in the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Keizersgracht 264 Amsterdam A workshop presented in two parts that looks at Read more about Hitting vlogging with a hammer[…]