flickr video Flickr has launched its long awaited video feature, and it’s an interesting addition. First of all, all videos are limited to 90 seconds, and secondly, only pro users can upload videos (everyone can view and embed them though). Why is that?

open book example

Lisa Gye posted this open book example ‘The Googlization of Everything’ by Siva Vaidhyanathanto to the fc list. The author Siva Vaidhyanathan uses the open book process (Institute for the Future of the Book) to critique Google. The book is a “book blog” and Vaidhyanathanto lays out some major research questions in the summary: This Read more about open book example[…]

Dominick Chen – how to share creative processes

Dominick Chen‘s presentation at video vortex was impressive in terms of his projects and the connection he made with theory. There was also an informative use of terms as way to describe varying activities occurring on the Internet. (more later once I review the video record) Other links: A slide version of his presentation on Read more about Dominick Chen – how to share creative processes[…]

facebook behind the scenes

This facebook article from the Guardian Unlimited was brought to my attention on a few lists, With friends like these… written by Tom Hodgkinson. (The Idler magazine) This article does an in-depth analysis on the people behind facebook and their philosophical-economic motivations. It made me realise that joining social media platforms like facebook is like Read more about facebook behind the scenes[…]

Palabras tagged video archive

Not long after getting up the first prototype version of videodefunct published, the Palabras project appeared on the video vortex mailing list: Palabras, which means “words” in Spanish, is a set of software tools and interfaces designed to facilitate collective self-representation, and promote social inclusion through participatory media production. Typically, in workshops at local cultural Read more about Palabras tagged video archive[…]

Oxdb file sharing movie information

0xdb About The 0xdb is a rather unique kind of movie database. It uses a variety of publicly accessible resources, like search engines and file-sharing networks, to automatically collect information about, and actual images and sounds from, a rapidly growing number of movies. What the 0xdb provides is, essentially, full text search within movies, and Read more about Oxdb file sharing movie information[…]

myspace video and notes

Notes from the article, ‘The man who put teenagers lives online’, by Owen Gibson, Technology News, Guardian Weekly. Firstly, for my own research specifically the move to video and the number of uploads per day is phenomenal. Quote: MySpace can have a similar democratising effect in the world of short film with amateur film-makers building Read more about myspace video and notes[…]