Seth Keen PhD

Download exegesis pdf (14.2 MB): Netvideo Nonvideo Newvideo: Designing a multilinear nonnarrative form for interactive documentary Compressed version 5MB Abstract: This research explores interactive documentary and focuses on identifying how the affordances of video, computers and the network can be used to create a web of relations between shots within an interactive documentary that utilises Read more about Seth Keen PhD[…]

Online Video Aesthetics

Video Vortex 6# is covering a session on online video aesthetics: In response to the ubiquitous presence of video on an array of websites and platforms, this session seeks to explore the development of the diverse and distinctive aesthetics of online video. Tackling the tenuous relationship between amateur and professional video production, particularly with respect Read more about Online Video Aesthetics[…]

Watching YouTube tagging

Found this in my inbox sent by email from Dr Strangelove who has a blog called ‘Watching YouTube’ on which he has collated over 270 academic articles on the video-sharing website. Included in this bibliography is a list of articles on tagging and taxonomy subjects related to YouTube. From the bibliography list: Taxonomy/Search/Tagging Crane, Riley, Read more about Watching YouTube tagging[…]

lumiere, soft, vernacular

These are my quick notes from Adrian Miles’ recent lecture for the course Intergrated Media One in the Media department at RMITR University. I have attempted to quote what was said vrebatim and paraphrase other points from my own perspective. The three references being referred to below: Lumiere Manifesto Softvideo Vernacular Video Lumiere Manifesto “What Read more about lumiere, soft, vernacular[…]