Digital Documentary Audience

It has been a busy summer moving house so just getting to the Digital Documentary Audience symposium I presented at in late December. The symposium was organised by Craig Hight and here is an excerpt from the overview: The aim of this one-day symposium is to generate new research strategies and objectives prompted by intersections Read more about Digital Documentary Audience[…]

List Poetry

At Visible Evidence XIX, Bettina Frankham’s presentation provided some inspiration around the use of ‘lists’ in documentary practice. Frankham’s References: Ardenne, P., Beausse, P. & Goumarre, L. L999, Contemporary practices : art as experience, Editions Dis Voir, Paris. Belknap, R.E. 2004, The list: the uses and pleasures of cataloguing, Yale University Press, New Haven. Bos, Read more about List Poetry[…]

Ceci N’est Pas Embres – Korsakow Film

New Korsakow film Ceci N’est Pas Embres by Matt Soar: Ceci N’est Pas Embres is a ‘database diary’, a highly personal travel document based on the experiences of a Montréal family living in France for six months in 2010. This web-based film, created by Matt Soar and due to be formally launched in September 2012, Read more about Ceci N’est Pas Embres – Korsakow Film[…]

New aesthetics of documentary as contemporary art

Sternberg Press – Maria Lind and Hito Steyerl (Eds.) "Documentary practices make up one of the most significant and complex tendencies within art during the last two decades. Traditional documentary photography and film have been reinvented and reinvigorated by merging with traditions such as video, performance, and conceptual art. Such recent documentary works attest to Read more about New aesthetics of documentary as contemporary art[…]

Open Source Documentary

Following up on Florian Schneider’s concept of an open source mode of documentary as I begin to close my exegesis draft. FLORIAN SCHNEIDER (NL): An Open Source Mode Of The Documentary? from network cultures on Vimeo. SESSION 1: ONLINE VIDEO AESTHETICS In a review of his Video Vortex 6# presentation ‘Online Video Aesthetics: Florian Schneider Read more about Open Source Documentary[…]

Interactive Doco Authoring Tools

Some doco authoring tools and article that discusses Authoring tools confronted From the article: Over the last year we have been witnessing the raise of new authoring tools that allows us to build an interactive documentary with no need of coding skills. Slideshare discussion on the tools – ‘Authoring tools confronted’ Tools klynt – 3wdoc Read more about Interactive Doco Authoring Tools[…]

Korsakow Workshop

This is an ongoing production cookbook for working with Korsakow. Application Context About Korsakow from (Wikipedia)- Korsakow What has it been designed to do? What type of application is it? How do you work with it? The end of the unique history – overview of Korsakow march 14, 2012 Florian Thalhofer – Korsakow Software Read more about Korsakow Workshop[…]

Survival Guide for making web-docs

A book ‘Survival Guide‘ being brought together on making documentaries on the Internet. This “survival guide” was designed to provide filmmakers, producers and journalists with some tools required to develop their own web-documentaries. How to include interactivity in your projects? How to reach a bigger audience? How to develop a creative funding strategy? How does Read more about Survival Guide for making web-docs[…]