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I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jean-Pierre Chabrol ( is now working freelance after many years at the National Gallery Victoria NGV as a person leading multimedia development and production. Some new doc links from that discussion: Leblog Documentaire (fb) Article Monde diplomatique Varan Group ARTE creative

Storytelling in the New Landscape – Doc House

Between the Lines 2013: Storytelling in the New Landscape – The Medium and the Message from DocHouse on Vimeo. DocHouse & the Frontline Club present More information in the blog post on the collabdocs website. Between the Lines Festival | Rich Mix Cinema | 1-3 March 2013 Each technological change in filmmaking has influenced the Read more about Storytelling in the New Landscape – Doc House[…]

Video Reader

A ‘video reader’ (‘interlace software’) being developed by Robert Ochshorn who presented at Video Vortex 9. The lectures and presentations from the event will be brought together into the work in this software. An example of a work made in the software ‘Montage Interdit’ by Eyal Sivan, shown in the screenshot above. An online video Read more about Video Reader[…]

Interactive essays on nonlinear storytelling

Database/Narrative/Archive, Seven interactive essays on digital nonlinear storytelling edited by Matt Soar & Monika Gagnon Editor’s note: Database|Narrative|Archive is a collection of seven ‘essays’ by leading thinkers and makers in the emergent medium of nonlinear digital storytelling. Each contribution has been conceived and written for Scalar, an interactive, multimedia, scholarly publishing platform in development at Read more about Interactive essays on nonlinear storytelling[…]

Visualising Documentary

From the Data Visualisation webpage on the Moments of Innovation website, which is exploring the convergence of technology with documentary. A simple trick accounts for much of our success as a species: pattern recognition. Confronted with complex interactions and wide-ranging inputs, we manage to sort through the clutter, emerging with dots that we can connect Read more about Visualising Documentary[…]

Data Documentary

At the Digital Documentary Audience symposium I was inspired by Mitchell Whitelaw‘s presentation amongst others. Somewhere in the mix of discussion the idea of a data documentary was raised. From Mitchell’s talk which looked at “data as a material for practice” – I saw a data documentary as being designed in a similar manner to Read more about Data Documentary[…]

The documentary enterprise

I really enjoyed Jeni Thornley’s energetic and illuminating presentation at the at Visible Evidence XIX international documentary conference at ANU, Canberra. Notes: How the history of documentary intersects with other fields in relation to theorising documentary. Thornley described the Internet as a “huge porous documentary text”. Collabdocs Docshift – Toronto idfa doclab ‘Audiovisual thinking’ as Read more about The documentary enterprise[…]

MIT open documentary lab

MIT open documentary lab – About The MIT Open Documentary Lab brings technologists, storytellers, and scholars together to advance the new arts of documentary. Drawing on MIT’s legacy of media innovation and its deep commitment to open and accessible information, the Open Documentary Lab is a place of generative dialogue between media makers, technologists, and Read more about MIT open documentary lab[…]

idfaDOCLAB Moments of Innovation

idfaDOCLAB / MIT open documentary lab – Moments of Innovation About: Defining documentary has never been easy, all the more because of different cultural traditions. The English-speaking world often looks back to the British documentarian John Grierson’s definition of the form as ‘the creative treatment of actuality’ — a useful phrase that he first used Read more about idfaDOCLAB Moments of Innovation[…]


Mandy Roses’ collabdocs research project. About My research looks at the intersection between documentary and the Social, Semantic and Open Web. I’m investigating the role of the producer as context provider, catalyst, curator in documentary projects. I’m interested in the social, political and creative potential of participatory and collaborative forms. I’m drawing inspiration and ideas Read more about Collabdocs[…]