Paradigm and syntagm

I came across ‘paradigm and syntagm’ in (Manovich 2001, pp.202-05) and then recently read this analysis in recent paper ‘Remembering Bogle Chandler: an exploration of new media’s storytelling potential’on an interactive docuumentary Remembering Bogle Chandler produced by the author Young. ( I decided to note it here for more thinking some time in the future? Read more about Paradigm and syntagm[…]

Workshop media fragmentation and remix

I can draw lots of parallels between my own research and this workshop. Online portal for the initiative. Workshop on Media fragment creation and reMIXing While technologies for the manipulation of complete videos have been well-studied and are already used in relevant applications, e.g. in stock footage portals, media libraries or TV archives, where entire Read more about Workshop media fragmentation and remix[…]

Narrative Complexity

This upcoming book Complex Television: The Poetics of Contemporary Television Narrative – A proposal for a multiplatform book by Jason Mittell, provides some insights into my own recent use of storytelling modes and the idea of complex narratives. From complexity in context: This book’s main argument is that over the past two decades, a new Read more about Narrative Complexity[…]

Notes on stories related to locations

I found this article ‘Linking geographical facts with cartographic artifacts” by Bill Cartwright really useful when I first started thinking about issues around to many talking heads in the Real Vision: Colombia prototype developed with World Vision and the final Bogota:Colombia online version. The age-old documentary problem of there being to many expert opinions (as Read more about Notes on stories related to locations[…]