Inspiration for a short non-fiction work

The personal, digital, me-dia gadget realizes exactly this direction, holding us closer, traveling everywhere with us, and integrating us more thoroughly than before. And it shows little sign of stopping: new, wearable devices such as Google Glass and smartwatches threaten to extend this personal integration and our physiological and mental alienation. Thus the “gadjet” that Read more about Inspiration for a short non-fiction work[…]

Chicago Girl documentary – mobile phone use

Chicago Girl documentary From press notes web page: From her childhood bedroom in the Chicago suburbs, an American teenage girl uses social media to coordinate the revolution in Syria. Armed with Facebook, Twitter, Skype and camera phones, she helps her social network “on the ground” in Syria brave snipers and shelling in the streets to Read more about Chicago Girl documentary – mobile phone use[…]

Mobile Media Making in an Age of Smartphones

Mobile Media Making in an Age of Smartphones Edited by Marsha Berry, Max Schleser Book summary: With the rise of smartphones and the proliferation of applications (“apps”), the ways everyday media users and creative professionals represent, experience, and share the everyday is changing. With the overlay of location-based services, these experiences and representations are providing Read more about Mobile Media Making in an Age of Smartphones[…]

Feature Film shot on iphone

Uneasy Lies the Mind – A feature film shot entirely on the iPhone …the folks at Apple would undoubtedly love it if filmmakers everywhere ditched their high-end video cameras for iPhones, the fact is that the phone’s tiny lens, sensor and other features are no match for those on something like the RED Scarlet X. Read more about Feature Film shot on iphone[…]

fast film – disposable media

A post fast film on the Cause Global: Social Media for Social Change sent to me by MB. Some of the biggest global dramas of recent times—the crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in Burma, the China earthquake, suicide bombers in Israel, the hanging of Sadaam Hussein—all were filmed on cell phones, snippets of strife seen and Read more about fast film – disposable media[…]