Documentary Design Studio

I am putting forward a Documentary Design Studio in the media undergraduate program today, which will involve working in an external collaboration, using Korsakow. The studio will be forming a partnership with an art gallery, and we will be collaborating with an award winning photographer/videographer, and youth theatre group – on the repurposing of a Read more about Documentary Design Studio[…]

K-film – The End: Death in Seven Colours

A new K-film release The End: Death in Seven Colours by David Clark. An overview and interview written up by Matt Soar. An excerpt from that review: DAVID CLARK’s new Korsakow film The End: Death in Seven Colours is a labyrinthine and thoroughly absorbing exploration of the deaths of Alan Turing, Sigmund Freud, Princess Diana, Read more about K-film – The End: Death in Seven Colours[…]

Lost Leader project

The Lost Leaders project by Matt Soar in collaboration with Jackie Gallant, which uses an auto play version of Korsakow on Otherzine. The website for the project: Direct link to Korsakow work Lost Leaders #2. It is worth noting the use of sound in the background function, in the previews, and as Read more about Lost Leader project[…]

K-film – Digital Humanities in the BeNeLux Region

Interview example of a K-film, by Dr. Ben Miller “Digital Humanities in the BeNeLux Region” All told, it’s comprised of approx. 30 short interviews. Structurally, it promotes diversity of opinion in the early stages of the film (the first 3-5 videos), then more focused exploration of a single topic in the latter stages (the last Read more about K-film – Digital Humanities in the BeNeLux Region[…]

Ceci N’est Pas Embres – Korsakow Film

New Korsakow film Ceci N’est Pas Embres by Matt Soar: Ceci N’est Pas Embres is a ‘database diary’, a highly personal travel document based on the experiences of a Montréal family living in France for six months in 2010. This web-based film, created by Matt Soar and due to be formally launched in September 2012, Read more about Ceci N’est Pas Embres – Korsakow Film[…]

Spark Workshop Preparation 1#

Spark website workshop brief. Duration: 2 hours (2.30-4.30pm) Making do: A workshop on making a K-film In this workshop students will make a documentary using the computer program Korsakow. People attending the workshop will learn how to create a K-film, an interactive form of documentary that is published on the Web. Participants will record a Read more about Spark Workshop Preparation 1#[…]

Korsakow Workshop

This is an ongoing production cookbook for working with Korsakow. Application Context About Korsakow from (Wikipedia)- Korsakow What has it been designed to do? What type of application is it? How do you work with it? The end of the unique history – overview of Korsakow march 14, 2012 Florian Thalhofer – Korsakow Software Read more about Korsakow Workshop[…]