INC Publishing presentation

Geert Lovink speaking at New School on publishing initiatives and innovative approaches at Institute of Network Cultures. Geert Lovink, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam from The Politics of Digital Culture on Vimeo. Do-It-Together: Digital Publishing Experiments at the Institute of Network Cultures

Series of interviews on work and play

A series of interviews under the title ‘The Internet as Playground and Factory’ by Trebor Scholz and the New York, Eugene Lang College, The New School University. Scholz in these interviews talks to varying writers and artists about the relationship between work and play on the Internet. Interviewees include: McKenzie Wark, Jonah Brucker Cohen, Read more about Series of interviews on work and play[…]

Everything Is Miscellaneous

Sean sent across the new book by David Weinberger, Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the Digital Disorder. The summary from Amazon Books: In Everything Is Miscellaneous, David Weinberger charts the new principles of digital order that are remaking business, education, politics, science, and culture. In his rollicking tour of the rise of the miscellaneous, Read more about Everything Is Miscellaneous[…]

Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us

PIcked this up off the aoir list, a discussion about a video on YouTube titled ‘Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us’ that takes a swipe at web 2.0. A critique of the video on the on the Media @ LSE Group weblog in the post ‘Dangerously overstating the significance of Web 2.0’ Quote: “It suggests Read more about Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us[…]