Design of World Machines

Going to this workshop ‘The Design of World Machines: Sharing, Caring and Global Technologies’ tomorrow here at RMIT. I like the concept it will be interesting to see what it is all about in the flesh. Text from the RMIT callout. A previous article “World Machines”: Discourse, Design and Global Technologies for Greater-than-self Issues” with Read more about Design of World Machines[…]

Arnau Gifreu Castells on Documentaries and Digital Media, Part 5

Research Forum | Arnau Gifreu Castells on Documentaries and Digital Media, Part 5 | Open Documentary Lab at MIT " this series we focus on analyzing the two main parts that constitute the interactive documentary field: the documentary genre and interactive media. In these articles we introduce an original combined evolution of the digital and Read more about Arnau Gifreu Castells on Documentaries and Digital Media, Part 5[…]

Modifying software

Customising software for your own purposes caught my eye in this book release. This relates to work done on the videodefunct system. From the emailed description: With scripting, computer programming becomes integral to the digital design process. It provides unique opportunities for innovation, enabling the designer to customise the software around their own predilections and Read more about Modifying software[…]

Interaction Design – act, feel, know

Bill Verplank caught my interest on a number of levels. His simple framework for looking at Interaction Design, in the book Designing Interaction. Sketching while he presents information – to name a couple…This video in the book designing interactions has an extended lecture available – IxD > Designing Interactions Bill says that the interaction designer Read more about Interaction Design – act, feel, know[…]


I attended a workshop last week with Idunn Sem an interaction designer at InterMedia lab at The University of Oslo. Workshop description: The workshop aims both to perform and to reflect upon the methodological shifts involved in design research. The workshop will try to put forward “artifacts of expression” and “expressive artifacts” (e.g. Díaz-Kommonen 2004) Read more about Tools[…]

interaction design, design interaction Which came first, the Interaction or the Design?, Source:, 18 June 2008 Submitted by Mads Soegaard, by Jonas Lowgren Interaction Design” refers to the shaping of interactive products and services with a specific focus on their use. Broadly speaking, there are two main senses of the concept, coming out of different intellectual traditions Read more about interaction design, design interaction[…]