Documentary Ecologies – presentation

New Documentary Ecologies: Emerging Platforms, Practices and Discourses – presentation by Kate Nash at i-docs. How can we begin to conceptualise the way in which documentary is being re-thought in light of contemporary media cultures and technologies? This is the central question that the contributors to New Documentary Ecologies: Emerging Platforms, Practices and Discourses explore. Read more about Documentary Ecologies – presentation[…]

Documentary Analytics

Q7: How do we understand and measure the impact of an i-doc? Harry Davies is currently working for Google, and he is responsible for launching tools that track user’s online bahaviours and understanding. From Goggle Analytics to Google Custumers Serveys and Google Trends, Harry is a man that practices the art of impact quantification… but Read more about Documentary Analytics[…]

The Prisons Memory Archive

The Prisons Memory Archive: Questioning and Engaging with Interactivity at i-Docs 2014 The Prisons Memory Archive (PMA) is an ongoing research project and its aim is to offer possibilities of engaging with the story of the ‘other’ in a society that is emerging from decades of political violence. One way of doing this, we believe, Read more about The Prisons Memory Archive[…]

Paradigm and syntagm

I came across ‘paradigm and syntagm’ in (Manovich 2001, pp.202-05) and then recently read this analysis in recent paper ‘Remembering Bogle Chandler: an exploration of new media’s storytelling potential’on an interactive docuumentary Remembering Bogle Chandler produced by the author Young. ( I decided to note it here for more thinking some time in the future? Read more about Paradigm and syntagm[…]

Video Reader

A ‘video reader’ (‘interlace software’) being developed by Robert Ochshorn who presented at Video Vortex 9. The lectures and presentations from the event will be brought together into the work in this software. An example of a work made in the software ‘Montage Interdit’ by Eyal Sivan, shown in the screenshot above. An online video Read more about Video Reader[…]

MIT open documentary lab

MIT open documentary lab – About The MIT Open Documentary Lab brings technologists, storytellers, and scholars together to advance the new arts of documentary. Drawing on MIT’s legacy of media innovation and its deep commitment to open and accessible information, the Open Documentary Lab is a place of generative dialogue between media makers, technologists, and Read more about MIT open documentary lab[…]

Documentary and Design

Picked up a useful reference today at Professor Andrew Morrison‘s presentation, a PhD thesis titled ‘Design Documentaries: Using Documentary Film to Inspire Design’. The postgrad Bas was supervised by Tony Dunne. Danielle Wild passed on the reference. From the abstract: With design documentaries, this research introduces documentary film as a new addition to the multidisciplinary Read more about Documentary and Design[…]

Documentary YouTube Bibliography

Documentary YouTube bibliography list from Dr Strangeglove’s online YouTube bibliography compile: Beattie, Debra. ‘Documentary Expression Online: The Wrong Crowd, A History Documentary for an ‘Electrate’ Audience.’ Studies in Documentary Film 2, no. 1 (2008): 61–78. Hight, Craig. ‘The Field of Digital Documentary: A Challenge to Documentary Theorists.’ Studies in Documentary Film 2, no. 1 (2008): Read more about Documentary YouTube Bibliography[…]

thumb candy – blog based documentary

Chris let me know recently about a online documentary that he made titled ‘Thumb Candy’ on SMS text culture in the Philipphines that he put together within a blog. He gives Videodefunct a plug on the More about the project page as being an influence on using tagging and a blog to classify the video Read more about thumb candy – blog based documentary[…]