Structure from the destination

Starting from the ‘destination’ is the key. I have been caught up for months on the ‘journey’, the iterative chronological development of the artefacts/projects to get to the major project. Scrivener points out empathically that a student is discouraged, as he states from ‘writing it up’. In this argument the process of working out the Read more about Structure from the destination[…]

The analysis of the projects

Ok, so I have gone through the projects/artefacts following the chunks process. Now, I am looking at taking a step back in terms of working towards a structure and analytical framework for the writing up the projects in the exegesis. Returning to the article, ‘Content, structure and orientations of the practice-led exegesis’, the authors raise Read more about The analysis of the projects[…]

The nuts and bolts of reflection-in-action

I decided I needed to look further into Schon’s reflection-in-action concept as an ‘epistemology of practice’, in order to define more of a framework for analysing the projects/artefacts I had produced. 1. Look for similarities and differences compared to previous experience. Finding a solution to a specific issue in terms of moving an experiment onwards Read more about The nuts and bolts of reflection-in-action[…]

projects on the wall

Adding to the sticky note visual I decided I also needed to get the projects up on the wall as they occurred and look at the themes that developed over time as trajectories of development in the inquiry. It is great to be able to see what happened up there on the wall!

Structure and writing practice

I have been thinking again recently about the structure of the writing for my exegesis. If I think about this in relation to my media practice, I have moved narrative structure to being determined by the creation of an informal taxonomy. (This to a degree goes around traditional scripting beforehand and replaces montage temporal editing). Read more about Structure and writing practice[…]