interaction design, design interaction Which came first, the Interaction or the Design?, Source:, 18 June 2008 Submitted by Mads Soegaard, by Jonas Lowgren Interaction Design” refers to the shaping of interactive products and services with a specific focus on their use. Broadly speaking, there are two main senses of the concept, coming out of different intellectual traditions Read more about interaction design, design interaction[…]

environmental portraiture – film/video

I had chat with AD about environmental portraiture as a concept of practice within cinema theory. He put me onto some great references: John Smith (Regeneration?) Article – On the Street where You Live: The Films of John Smith by Adrian Danks Film/Video John Smith, Lost Sound Stan Brakhage, The Child’s Garden and the Read more about environmental portraiture – film/video[…]

vernacular video

These are some notes from a lecture I gave recently in Integrated Media (2007) on Tom Sherman’s article ‘vernacular video’. I used this quote as a starting point for discussion: Video in 2007 is not the exclusive medium of technicians or specialists or journalists or artists–it is the peoples’ medium. The potential of video as Read more about vernacular video[…]