Audiovisual media across disciplines

Audiovisual media across disciplines Critical Media Practice – The Graduate School in Arts and Sciences offers a Secondary Field degree in Critical Media Practice (CMP) for PhD This concept of audiovisual media practice being taught across disciplines is useful. From the overview “In areas across the disciplinary map — from Anthropology to Science Studies, from Sociology, Psychology, Read more about Audiovisual media across disciplines[…]

Nonfiction transmedia

Below is a call for articles for a ‘Nonfiction Transmedia’ issue in a Journal. This call is useful in regards to my own work around ‘nonfiction design’. Currently I am co-teaching a design-media studio titled ‘nonfiction design’. This studio is a collaboration between communication design and media students at RMIT and involves working with an Read more about Nonfiction transmedia[…]

2014 Newcastle ASPERA presentations

Two of the panel members presentations from ASPERA Newcastle conference. Adrian Miles – AMBIENCE, AFFECT, AUTODOCUMENTARY (SLIDES AND NOTES) Hannah Braiser – “I SEE YOU” K-FILM” The title of my presentation: Keen, Seth. “Transformed practices: What is a documentary designer?” Screen Explosion: Expanding practices, narratives and education for the Creative Screen Industries, ASPERA, Australia Screen Read more about 2014 Newcastle ASPERA presentations[…]

Documentary and Design

Picked up a useful reference today at Professor Andrew Morrison‘s presentation, a PhD thesis titled ‘Design Documentaries: Using Documentary Film to Inspire Design’. The postgrad Bas was supervised by Tony Dunne. Danielle Wild passed on the reference. From the abstract: With design documentaries, this research introduces documentary film as a new addition to the multidisciplinary Read more about Documentary and Design[…]

design and cinema crossover

A conference that explores the intersection between design and cinema: …while interrogating the place of design disciplines within cinema. The attention drawn by this conference showed the necessity of evaluating the knowledge that existed in the intersection of these two disciplines. The theme for the 2008 conference: Theoretical studies have become more and more interested Read more about design and cinema crossover[…]

Video Vortex Reader (published)

The Video Vortex Reader: Responses to YouTube was released last week as a follow up to the Video Vortex forums, conferences and exhibitions staged from the end of 2007 into 2008. Download the pdf More publication information about the book: The Video Vortex Reader is the first collection of critical texts to deal with the Read more about Video Vortex Reader (published)[…]