Vortex 4

Call for papers for Video Vortex 4 in Split, Croatia – 22-23 May, 2009. Please send in a 500-word abstract and a short bio to Dan Oki (danoki [at] xs4all.nl) before February 5, 2009. New themes are: Telepresence and Web Aesthetics Social Cinema Architecture and Moving Image Video Sharing Technology and politics of the moving Read more about Vortex 4[…]

environmental portraiture – film/video

I had chat with AD about environmental portraiture as a concept of practice within cinema theory. He put me onto some great references: John Smith (Regeneration?) Article – On the Street where You Live: The Films of John Smith by Adrian Danks http://www.sensesofcinema.com/contents/03/29/john_smith.htm Film/Video John Smith, Lost Sound Stan Brakhage, The Child’s Garden and the Read more about environmental portraiture – film/video[…]

24/7 DIY video clip

I also had a close look at the opening 24/7 a DIY Video Summit, video clip (that ironically has no poster/thumbnail/preview image as it downloads when the web page is opened). The clip a vox-pox of grabs from speakers and artists attending the event provides an insight into what to expect. Following is links to Read more about 24/7 DIY video clip[…]

Oxdb file sharing movie information

0xdb About The 0xdb is a rather unique kind of movie database. It uses a variety of publicly accessible resources, like search engines and file-sharing networks, to automatically collect information about, and actual images and sounds from, a rapidly growing number of movies. What the 0xdb provides is, essentially, full text search within movies, and Read more about Oxdb file sharing movie information[…]

It is not film it is video

I enjoyed Tom Sherman’s (Spring 2005) articles on video in the Canadian Art Magazine. His frustration with the video being called film brought a smile. In the article ‘Video No Film’, he states: Fuck film. The dead ideas of film are being heaped onto video, Cinematic history is like a ball and chain. Video, as Read more about It is not film it is video[…]

Remixing reality with narrative media – Nora Barry

An overview of a presentation by Nora Barry at ‘Remixing reality with narrative media’ narrative media’ During the 60s and the 70s, an independent cinema community was established thanks to the existence of an extensive network of alternative film clubs with branches in various parts of the world. According to Nora Barry, if independent digital Read more about Remixing reality with narrative media – Nora Barry[…]