thumb candy – blog based documentary

Chris let me know recently about a online documentary that he made titled ‘Thumb Candy’ on SMS text culture in the Philipphines that he put together within a blog. He gives Videodefunct a plug on the More about the project page as being an influence on using tagging and a blog to classify the video Read more about thumb candy – blog based documentary[…]

wordcamp tags and categories

I attended Melbourne wordcamp and caught a couple of presentations. Christine Davis the producer of the ultimate tag warrior did a presentation titles ‘Tags, Categories, Taxonomies, Folksonomies, Oh My!’. Tags where a hot topic of discussion with James Farmer pointing out that wordpress had been slow to include tags as part of the WP CMS Read more about wordcamp tags and categories[…]


A Vienna media group CONT3XT.NET contacted me to see about putting an rss feed from net-video in their sidebar. They are getting up a project called MOVING.IMG About: CONT3XT.NET is a Vienna-based organisation founded in 2006 as a collaborative platform for the discussion and presentation of issues related to Media Art. Against the background of Read more about CONT3XT.NET[…]

Blogs and traditional media

Tom Worthington notes on Stephen Mayne’s ( founder), talk on journalism and the role blogs could play in media. Stephen argues that Web 2.0 user generated content is not new. Letters to the editor and talkback radio are old forms of user generated journalism. Unfiltered anonymous online forums quickly generate into a mess. Bloggers don’t Read more about Blogs and traditional media[…]