Online documentary aesthetics

I have been searching around looking more broadly at the notion of online video aesthetics for the prod studio I teach in 2nd semester. Video Vortex 6 had a panel which focused on aesthetics. I found Florian Schneider’s talk on Open Source Documentary useful. His comment about how annotation sounds a death knell for documentary Read more about Online documentary aesthetics[…]

Online Video Aesthetics

Video Vortex 6# is covering a session on online video aesthetics: In response to the ubiquitous presence of video on an array of websites and platforms, this session seeks to explore the development of the diverse and distinctive aesthetics of online video. Tackling the tenuous relationship between amateur and professional video production, particularly with respect Read more about Online Video Aesthetics[…]

fast film – disposable media

A post fast film on the Cause Global: Social Media for Social Change sent to me by MB. Some of the biggest global dramas of recent times—the crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in Burma, the China earthquake, suicide bombers in Israel, the hanging of Sadaam Hussein—all were filmed on cell phones, snippets of strife seen and Read more about fast film – disposable media[…]

Vortex 4

Call for papers for Video Vortex 4 in Split, Croatia – 22-23 May, 2009. Please send in a 500-word abstract and a short bio to Dan Oki (danoki [at] before February 5, 2009. New themes are: Telepresence and Web Aesthetics Social Cinema Architecture and Moving Image Video Sharing Technology and politics of the moving Read more about Vortex 4[…]

design and cinema crossover

A conference that explores the intersection between design and cinema: …while interrogating the place of design disciplines within cinema. The attention drawn by this conference showed the necessity of evaluating the knowledge that existed in the intersection of these two disciplines. The theme for the 2008 conference: Theoretical studies have become more and more interested Read more about design and cinema crossover[…]

flickr video example

Intergrated Media 2 students this semester are being asked to produce moving-image (time-based) content for mobile phone distribution through an engagement with second life. The mobile platform asks for differing approaches to this type of content that possibly moves away from the real-life recordings that are prolific on YouTube. Here is one response to the Read more about flickr video example[…]

interaction design, design interaction Which came first, the Interaction or the Design?, Source:, 18 June 2008 Submitted by Mads Soegaard, by Jonas Lowgren Interaction Design” refers to the shaping of interactive products and services with a specific focus on their use. Broadly speaking, there are two main senses of the concept, coming out of different intellectual traditions Read more about interaction design, design interaction[…]