There is no content on the web!

My one-minute rant for the Open Spectrum Quality/Control symposium held at the Melbourne State Library today. I lined up with 10 others and raced the clock to open the event. Documentation was done using a live blogging tool Cover it Live. There is no content on the web! on the web, content is a king Read more about There is no content on the web![…]

Henry Jenkins responses to the 24/7 DIY video summit

The Forums on YouTube are superficial at best and filled with hate speech at worst, meaning that anyone who tries to do work beyond the mainstream (however narrowly this is defined) is apt to face ridicule and harrasment.

…Jenkins – My vision of the future it would be on where everyone had the the power to participate, where diversity is valued as central to the enterprise – it is no that we build and they will come it is not that we construct YouTube and we are automatically a democracy there is still a struggle to be fort around democracy, there is still a struggle around education in terms of teaching media literacies for kids

Independent video history

Also on the videoblogging mail list an some links to websites that archive earlier movements independent video production right back to the first portapaks. The Radical Software movement: “Our purpose is to make all the historic issues of Radical Software freely available to everyone. This site is designed for easy browsing and downloading, and hosts Read more about Independent video history[…]