French links

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jean-Pierre Chabrol ( is now working freelance after many years at the National Gallery Victoria NGV as a person leading multimedia development and production. Some new doc links from that discussion: Leblog Documentaire (fb) Article Monde diplomatique Varan Group ARTE creative

Paradigm and syntagm

I came across ‘paradigm and syntagm’ in (Manovich 2001, pp.202-05) and then recently read this analysis in recent paper ‘Remembering Bogle Chandler: an exploration of new media’s storytelling potential’on an interactive docuumentary Remembering Bogle Chandler produced by the author Young. ( I decided to note it here for more thinking some time in the future? Read more about Paradigm and syntagm[…]

Video Reader

A ‘video reader’ (‘interlace software’) being developed by Robert Ochshorn who presented at Video Vortex 9. The lectures and presentations from the event will be brought together into the work in this software. An example of a work made in the software ‘Montage Interdit’ by Eyal Sivan, shown in the screenshot above. An online video Read more about Video Reader[…]

The Living Documentary thesis

The Living Documentary: from representing reality to co-creating reality in digital interactive documentary Form the abstract: This thesis concentrates on the emerging field of interactive documentaries. Digital interactive and networked media offer so many new possibilities to document reality that it is necessary to define what an interactive documentary is and whether there is any Read more about The Living Documentary thesis[…]

Interactive essays on nonlinear storytelling

Database/Narrative/Archive, Seven interactive essays on digital nonlinear storytelling edited by Matt Soar & Monika Gagnon Editor’s note: Database|Narrative|Archive is a collection of seven ‘essays’ by leading thinkers and makers in the emergent medium of nonlinear digital storytelling. Each contribution has been conceived and written for Scalar, an interactive, multimedia, scholarly publishing platform in development at Read more about Interactive essays on nonlinear storytelling[…]