Video Vortex 10 – Istanbul

The email callout for Video Vortex 10 – Istanbul The 10th annual meeting of Video Vortex is to be hosted in Istanbul at three adjacent institutions all involved in this year’s topics: art, activism and archives. The two-day event of workshops, speaker-led sessions, discussions, panels and work on show will explore how video, art and Read more about Video Vortex 10 – Istanbul[…]

liquid video

Video Vortex 9 are putting together a liquid book on video. Some of the themes for discussion and contribution: Video as Social Beast (Videos as product or index of new forms of group cultures or collective positions within current global, but heterogenuous culture) _ New Surfaces (talking interfaces in the broades sense) _ Second Screen Read more about liquid video[…]

Video Vortex 9 website

From the about page on the Video Vortex 9 website: Currently we see new configurations of the components of online video culture. Online video platforms such as Youtube are as assemblages of assemblages a sense pointed to by Deleuze, Latour and others: in flux and loosely effecting one another and neighboring contexts like television, journalism, Read more about Video Vortex 9 website[…]

Video Vortex Assemblages

Video Vortex 9 submissions are due August 31. VideoVortex #9 proposes that now is a time to re-engage with a ‘structural’ analysis of online-video culture. By calling for this re-engagement with structural questions and an analysis of ‘assemblages’, we point to the often loose forms of influence between components and processes each not fully determined Read more about Video Vortex Assemblages[…]

Video Vortex 8 – call for contributions

A pdf callout for Video Vortex 8 including the planned themes.The announcing summary: We are pleased to announce that the 8th edition of Video Vortex will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Croatia, between the 17th and the 19th of May, 2012. So far Video Vortex has taken place twice in Read more about Video Vortex 8 – call for contributions[…]