MU (muse code name) HTML5 Video

Plan to collect some notes in this blog post on the adobe MU (muse code name) web development application. Mainly working with HTML5 video. Jim passed this information on from his early experiments with this app. Resources: video conversion:Uses ogg files – sourceforge media convertor Jim’s notes : After installed, go to preferences and click Read more about MU (muse code name) HTML5 Video[…]

Metadata working group [online video]

Caught up with Andy Nicholson from Engage Media today and learnt about their Transmission online video metadata working group. A metadata standard for online video will ensure a common definitions for basic information such as title, date, author and language and (free) tags. This standard is to be used in video upload forms and video Read more about Metadata working group [online video][…]


Meet with JJ the other day and he spoke about RDF being the next thing to watch on the web. From W3C: Today’s web is built predominantly for human consumption. Even as machine-readable data begins to appear on the web, it is typically distributed in a separate file, with a separate format, and no correspondence Read more about RDF[…]