French links

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jean-Pierre Chabrol ( is now working freelance after many years at the National Gallery Victoria NGV as a person leading multimedia development and production. Some new doc links from that discussion: Leblog Documentaire (fb) Article Monde diplomatique Varan Group ARTE creative

Paradigm and syntagm

I came across ‘paradigm and syntagm’ in (Manovich 2001, pp.202-05) and then recently read this analysis in recent paper ‘Remembering Bogle Chandler: an exploration of new media’s storytelling potential’on an interactive docuumentary Remembering Bogle Chandler produced by the author Young. ( I decided to note it here for more thinking some time in the future? Read more about Paradigm and syntagm[…]

Spark Workshop Production 2#

+ Introduction – background and video technical skills + What is Korsakow? + Korsakow overview + Prepared content discussion – Spark Workshop Preparation 1# + Preparing Media Assets a. Project Organisation b. Make the Thumbnails/previews + Making the k-film c. K-film anatomy d. Snuifying e. Exports and testing + Publication offline/online Offline publication is as Read more about Spark Workshop Production 2#[…]

Changes in Architecture Education

Education design from architecture perspective – book reference Architecture School In a chapter from the new book Architecture School (MIT Press), edited by Joan Ockman, Princeton School of Architecture Dean Stan Allen traces the history of architecture education over the past two decades — as he says, a volatile period during which “rapid technological and Read more about Changes in Architecture Education[…]

First person recording

This book is really useful for getting a sense of how first person recording developed in TV in the 90s. I was a part of this development recording solo on the Hi8 format at a doco unit. Dovey, J 2000, Freakshow: First Person Media and factual Television, Pluto Press, London.