SMP Social Media Producer – presentation

Slide presentation given by Jonathan Hutchinson as part of the first lecture launching the PP1 course Tribal Productions and WIL funded Future Makers/Future Markets project. The Social Media Producer View more presentations from Jonathon Hutchinson. Jeremy Yuille’s presentation as part of the same lecture on the ABC POOL project. Pool People View more presentations from Read more about SMP Social Media Producer – presentation[…]

social media lecture

Throught twitter I came across Trebor’s lecture on social media which got me thinking about lots of things as I browsed through the slides. Trebor’s blip video lecture – Embedding Social Media in the Liberal Arts Classroom Trebor on slideshare Notes as I browsed the slides (generally in the order as they where presented) micro-blogging Read more about social media lecture[…]

links for 2008-09-14

YouTube – An anthropological introduction to YouTube After Web 2.0, Michael Wesch Takes On YouTube (tags: YouTube, edav, teaching) I got this link from Geert’s critique of this video, ‘Michael Wesch Takes On YouTube’ on the video vortex list and in that critique he mentioned the book reference: James Elkens, Visual Studies: A Skeptical Introduction.

Pool notes (lecture John Jacobs)

In fact part of what find interesting about the relationship the POOl is setting up with ABC prosumers is the way through specific call outs that people submitting content can get feedback on their work from experienced media producers. … I think the idea of there being a best work in a user-generated environment dissolves to a large degree, with the focus shifting to what is relevant for the user and what they are interested in specifically.

links for 2008-09-01

Aspen Movie Map – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia An early (1978) visual hypermedia mapping project of a city publihsed on laserdisc (tags: mapping interactive hypermedia research) X|Media|Lab – Tech – (beta) Adikted publish the xml keynotes from the videodefunct melbourne DIY TV lab (tags: videodefunct internettv) Scott's Bio | Scott Sigler: Bestselling Horror Author Read more about links for 2008-09-01[…]

links for 2008-08-25 A critique of Danah Boyd's perspective on social networking. (tags: socialnetworks research web2.0 networkedmedia) Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship A detailed historical analysis of social networking. (tags: networkedmedia teaching socialnetworks) A great site for checking cache issues on websites (tags: tools geek)

Social Networking (lecture 2008)

Michael Dieter gave a guest lecture in Networked Media this week on Social Networking. These are my notes and perspective. He was quick to point out how the concept of “networked individualism …hyper-individualism” seems to become the precedent – a centric, narcissitic approach that contradicts the community potential of social software. His image of a Read more about Social Networking (lecture 2008)[…]