Affordances and relationships

I wrote this out recently for a mobile videography course I taught this semester. Understanding the concept of ‘affordances’ is complex due to the different uses of the term in varying contexts. The wikipedia overview although not necessarily an authoritative reference point provides an insight into the way Norman uses the concept differently in relation Read more about Affordances and relationships[…]

Television transformation

Recent book publication that examines the transformation of TV. (rmit ebook) Distribution Revolution is a collection of interviews with leading film and TV professionals concerning the many ways that digital delivery systems are transforming the entertainment business. These interviews provide lively insider accounts from studio executives, distribution professionals, and creative talent of the tumultuous transformation Read more about Television transformation[…]

Video tools and systems – book

The Emergence of Video Processing Tools: Television Becoming Unglued, (Intellect Books, 2014) co-edited by Kathy High, Sherry Hocking and Mona Jimenez. The Emergence of Video Processing Tools presents stories of the development of early video tools and systems designed and built by artists and technologists during the late 1960s and 70s. Split over two volumes, Read more about Video tools and systems – book[…]

Kids on YouTube

Image cropped from book cover. The mall is so old school—these days kids are hanging out on YouTube, and depending on whom you ask, they’re either forging the digital frontier or frittering away their childhoods in anti-intellectual solipsism. Kids on YouTube cuts through the hype, going behind the scenes to understand kids’ everyday engagement with Read more about Kids on YouTube[…]

Media Technologies – book

Media Technologies | The MIT Press "In recent years, scholarship around media technologies has finally shed the assumption that these technologies are separate from and powerfully determining of social life, looking at them instead as produced by and embedded in distinct social, cultural, and political practices. Communication and media scholars have increasingly taken theoretical perspectives Read more about Media Technologies – book[…]

Collaborative Media book

Collaborative Media: Production, Consumption, and Design Interventions – by Jonas Lowgren and Bo Reimer Relative discourse – media design, case studies, collaborative media, practice-based, design-oriented interventions… From the book summary: With many new forms of digital media–including such popular social media as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr — the people formerly known as the audience no Read more about Collaborative Media book[…]

New Media book list – How do we read and write now? A useful New Media book list from a course at UC. From the course about: This course brings together media archaeology, the material history of the book, and media-specific analysis in an investigation of “bookwork” after new media. To what extent have computational media had a transformative effect on print practices? How do we Read more about New Media book list – How do we read and write now?[…]