Inspiration for a short non-fiction work

The personal, digital, me-dia gadget realizes exactly this direction, holding us closer, traveling everywhere with us, and integrating us more thoroughly than before. And it shows little sign of stopping: new, wearable devices such as Google Glass and smartwatches threaten to extend this personal integration and our physiological and mental alienation. Thus the “gadjet” that Read more about Inspiration for a short non-fiction work[…]

PIM Maker video remix for Spark

Ramblings of a Post-industrial Media Maker (remix) from Seth Keen on Vimeo. I created this video remix of the riff – ‘The rumblings ramblings of a Post-industrial Media Producer Maker’ for the SPARK International Festival of Media Arts and Design. I wrote the riff originally for ‘Post Industrial Media: Education?’ seminar and ibook publication edited Read more about PIM Maker video remix for Spark[…]