Seth Keen PhD

Download exegesis pdf (14.2 MB): Netvideo Nonvideo Newvideo: Designing a multilinear nonnarrative form for interactive documentary Compressed version 5MB Abstract: This research explores interactive documentary and focuses on identifying how the affordances of video, computers and the network can be used to create a web of relations between shots within an interactive documentary that utilises Read more about Seth Keen PhD[…]

Workshop media fragmentation and remix

I can draw lots of parallels between my own research and this workshop. Online portal for the initiative. Workshop on Media fragment creation and reMIXing While technologies for the manipulation of complete videos have been well-studied and are already used in relevant applications, e.g. in stock footage portals, media libraries or TV archives, where entire Read more about Workshop media fragmentation and remix[…]

Open Source Documentary

Following up on Florian Schneider’s concept of an open source mode of documentary as I begin to close my exegesis draft. FLORIAN SCHNEIDER (NL): An Open Source Mode Of The Documentary? from network cultures on Vimeo. SESSION 1: ONLINE VIDEO AESTHETICS In a review of his Video Vortex 6# presentation ‘Online Video Aesthetics: Florian Schneider Read more about Open Source Documentary[…]

Narrative Complexity

This upcoming book Complex Television: The Poetics of Contemporary Television Narrative – A proposal for a multiplatform book by Jason Mittell, provides some insights into my own recent use of storytelling modes and the idea of complex narratives. From complexity in context: This book’s main argument is that over the past two decades, a new Read more about Narrative Complexity[…]

Riff – Before and After: On Becoming a Reflexive Practitioner

The riff for the 2nd PIM symposium on critical practice that I read off an iphone. (I got the line length by making it fit the iphone screen) A technique I plan to use again as it creates a certain type of rhythm with the read. I need to add a before and after image. Read more about Riff – Before and After: On Becoming a Reflexive Practitioner[…]

PIM 2# – Critical Practice

I had a crack at the Second PIM (Post-Industrial Media) symposium hosted with the guest Professor Andrew Morrison. I produced the riff ‘Before and After: On Becoming a Reflexive Practitioner’. These calls come up fast with a short turnaround amongst the chaos of the weekly flotsam and jetsam. I have been getting a lot out Read more about PIM 2# – Critical Practice[…]

Documentary and Design

Picked up a useful reference today at Professor Andrew Morrison‘s presentation, a PhD thesis titled ‘Design Documentaries: Using Documentary Film to Inspire Design’. The postgrad Bas was supervised by Tony Dunne. Danielle Wild passed on the reference. From the abstract: With design documentaries, this research introduces documentary film as a new addition to the multidisciplinary Read more about Documentary and Design[…]


I attended a workshop last week with Idunn Sem an interaction designer at InterMedia lab at The University of Oslo. Workshop description: The workshop aims both to perform and to reflect upon the methodological shifts involved in design research. The workshop will try to put forward “artifacts of expression” and “expressive artifacts” (e.g. Díaz-Kommonen 2004) Read more about Tools[…]