Video Social

From X Media Lab “Video+Social” about upcoming conference: Just last week Facebook bought WhatsApp for a staggering USD$19 billion – WhatsApp has 55 employees. So what exactly is WhatsApp? Simple, it’s Mobile = Video+Social. Content creators, corporate brands, developers, and platforms are both ever more intertwined and ever more in competition. The opportunities have never Read more about Video Social[…]


Video in this system is created into a Vimeo/Youtube and Webcam story. Feral Arts’ PlaceStories system: We build world-leading community-focused digital storytelling software systems and explore the potential of emerging digital technologies in finding creative solutions to cultural and social challenges. From PlaceStories: PlaceStories is a digital storytelling and communications system. It provides individuals and Read more about PlaceStories[…]

Video Advocacy

Definition of Video Advocacy from Witness (an NGO who specialise in using video to affect social change): WITNESS defines “advocacy” as a process that will bring about change in policies, law or people’s behavior. And we define “video advocacy” as using visual media as a targeted tool that will engage people to create change. Video Read more about Video Advocacy[…]

Video Lingua

Engage Media are looking for a Video Lingua Coordinator, to work on subtitling and translation of video. Using the description ‘Video Lingua’ got me thinking about a description for a videographer that works on annotating video content as a key part of the storytelling process. Also Universal subtitles is mentioned as the program to use Read more about Video Lingua[…]

youtube diptych (double beta)

YouTube Doubler Here comes spatial montage maybe with a YouTube doubler tool. Check out the favourites for more SM is going off! Taking this another step HD Attention Deficit Cinema — in full on digg – High Efficiency Wide Definition Episodic Attention Deficit Multilinear Narrative with Digital THC Mastered Tri-Channel Stereo Sound Ultra Wide Format

Design Hub video notes In defining student participation and an online presence for a documentary on the construction of the design hub without background research at this point, I have brought together the following thoughts. Most of these ideas are based around current research, projects and teaching. Many online documentaries are developed as purpose-built websites which requires reasonable Read more about Design Hub video notes[…]

political remix

A curated collection of political remix from the 2008 24/7 DIY video summit. The best viewing of the curated political remix material is on the 24/7 DIY video summit website down the bottom of the political remix webpage as separate videos rather than in the long presentation video on YouTube. The speakers blog – Read more about political remix[…]