Cowbird – participatory online documentary

Abstract from ‘Moving beyond evidence – participatory online documentary practice within the poetic framework of’ by Bettina Frankham, 2015. The growth of user contribution as a form of interaction within online documentary projects is causing a shift in the way that screen based documentary is conceived. Viewers become participants, taking on greater agency in Read more about Cowbird – participatory online documentary[…]

Participatory documentary – Long Story Short

Participatory documentary by Natalie Bookchin (in progress) Long Story Short From the Long Story Short project page: crowdsources stories and solutions from hundreds of people in the US fighting to rise into the middle class. Drawing from an archive of hundreds of video diaries made by very low income California residents, Long Story Short tells Read more about Participatory documentary – Long Story Short[…]

K-film – Digital Humanities in the BeNeLux Region

Interview example of a K-film, by Dr. Ben Miller “Digital Humanities in the BeNeLux Region” All told, it’s comprised of approx. 30 short interviews. Structurally, it promotes diversity of opinion in the early stages of the film (the first 3-5 videos), then more focused exploration of a single topic in the latter stages (the last Read more about K-film – Digital Humanities in the BeNeLux Region[…]

2014 Newcastle ASPERA presentations

Two of the panel members presentations from ASPERA Newcastle conference. Adrian Miles – AMBIENCE, AFFECT, AUTODOCUMENTARY (SLIDES AND NOTES) Hannah Braiser – “I SEE YOU” K-FILM” The title of my presentation: Keen, Seth. “Transformed practices: What is a documentary designer?” Screen Explosion: Expanding practices, narratives and education for the Creative Screen Industries, ASPERA, Australia Screen Read more about 2014 Newcastle ASPERA presentations[…]

Documentary Ecologies – presentation

New Documentary Ecologies: Emerging Platforms, Practices and Discourses – presentation by Kate Nash at i-docs. How can we begin to conceptualise the way in which documentary is being re-thought in light of contemporary media cultures and technologies? This is the central question that the contributors to New Documentary Ecologies: Emerging Platforms, Practices and Discourses explore. Read more about Documentary Ecologies – presentation[…]

Documentary Analytics

Q7: How do we understand and measure the impact of an i-doc? Harry Davies is currently working for Google, and he is responsible for launching tools that track user’s online bahaviours and understanding. From Goggle Analytics to Google Custumers Serveys and Google Trends, Harry is a man that practices the art of impact quantification… but Read more about Documentary Analytics[…]

The Prisons Memory Archive

The Prisons Memory Archive: Questioning and Engaging with Interactivity at i-Docs 2014 The Prisons Memory Archive (PMA) is an ongoing research project and its aim is to offer possibilities of engaging with the story of the ‘other’ in a society that is emerging from decades of political violence. One way of doing this, we believe, Read more about The Prisons Memory Archive[…]