Interaction Design – act, feel, know

Bill Verplank caught my interest on a number of levels. His simple framework for looking at Interaction Design, in the book Designing Interaction. Sketching while he presents information – to name a couple…This video in the book designing interactions has an extended lecture available – IxD > Designing Interactions Bill says that the interaction designer Read more about Interaction Design – act, feel, know[…]

Personal media participation

Advice from the Paul Saffo interview (in an interview by Bill Moggridge- Chapter 1) in regards to personal media productions that encourage participatory contributions, in the chapter ‘Mass Media and Personal Media’ in the book Designing Media. The secret design principle – what I’ll call Saffo’s law – that encourages participation in personal media is Read more about Personal media participation[…]

tools, big data, stories, filtering, data visualisation

From Jeff Veen’s blog and the web2.0 expo. Video: Designing for Big Data Verbal quotes from the video: find a story in the data visual access to dimensions in that data remove everything that isn’t telling the story control their own web experience empower people to tell their own stories design the application to tell Read more about tools, big data, stories, filtering, data visualisation[…]