Nonfiction Design studio

I have just completed a rollercoaster studio ride with the Nonfiction Design studio, a collaboration between Communication Design and Media students. After this experience I am (well and truly) hooked into the integration of design methodologies and methods into professional media production as part of working out how documentary practices can be applied to different Read more about Nonfiction Design studio[…]

Design of World Machines

Going to this workshop ‘The Design of World Machines: Sharing, Caring and Global Technologies’ tomorrow here at RMIT. I like the concept it will be interesting to see what it is all about in the flesh. Text from the RMIT callout. A previous article “World Machines”: Discourse, Design and Global Technologies for Greater-than-self Issues” with Read more about Design of World Machines[…]

Spark Pikselin workshop

Notes from Brian Smith’s workshop (mainly directed at students): Smith used keynote in the spark presentation to demonstrate interaction design. In this workshop he provided insights into using actions in keynote to create these moves and use it as a visualisation tool. Creating interfaces and mock ups working between photoshop and keynote. Types of development: Read more about Spark Pikselin workshop[…]

Pikselin web development

Brian Smith from Shift presented on Pikselin today at Spark. These are my notes/prespective on the presentation and workshop: Summarised overview of User Experience Design (Semantic Studios overview) process: Communication – visual design Structure – information architecture Manipulation – interaction design User experience (quotes) ‘the web is more than websites’ – it is ‘products, services, Read more about Pikselin web development[…]

The Long History of Prototypes | Limn … prototyping is not simply understood as the development of “first forms” or “first strikes” as beta-versions of products as in industrial design, but as a more general mode of doing culture: a mode that is tentative, based on bricolage, user involvement and ongoing change and improvements of products and practices, as “open innovation”, Read more about The Long History of Prototypes | Limn[…]

iPad social camera

I am on a train and an iPad is being passed around as a camera device. An app that allows you to create special effects as you record is being used to share images. Those type of effects would be applied in post-production usually. The iPad is a social camera device in post-production.

Modifying software

Customising software for your own purposes caught my eye in this book release. This relates to work done on the videodefunct system. From the emailed description: With scripting, computer programming becomes integral to the digital design process. It provides unique opportunities for innovation, enabling the designer to customise the software around their own predilections and Read more about Modifying software[…]