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Dr. Seth Keen is a New Zealand–Australian documentary designer and producer, who has worked for 20 years in the film and television industry. He is a lecturer in new media at RMIT University in Melbourne. Seth holds a MA (by Research) in Media Arts and a PhD (Media and Communication).

His academic research on documentary design engages with developments occurring in interactive documentary. Interested in media innovation, Seth collaborates with research, cultural and commercial partners on the design of audio-visual works, archives and tools. Projects include an interactive online video website (World Vision Australia) and online audio-visual archive (ARC Discovery, The University of Melbourne).

Seth in collaboration with the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam facilitated the Video Vortex conference series, a critical forum on online video. He is currently co-organising the 2015 Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa (MINA) symposium and international screening on mobile filmmaking in Melbourne.
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