New Documentary Ecologies

Book summary recently published: New Documentary Ecologies: Emerging Platforms, Practices and Discourses Edited By Kate Nash, Craig Hight and Catherine Summerhayes Documentary remains a vital and dynamic media form, one that has persisted through decades of change in patterns of media production, distribution and reception, from its early conception in silent filmmaking, through ‘new’ media Read more about New Documentary Ecologies[…]

Collaborative Media book

Collaborative Media: Production, Consumption, and Design Interventions – by Jonas Lowgren and Bo Reimer Relative discourse – media design, case studies, collaborative media, practice-based, design-oriented interventions… From the book summary: With many new forms of digital media–including such popular social media as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr — the people formerly known as the audience no Read more about Collaborative Media book[…]

Arnau Gifreu Castells on Documentaries and Digital Media, Part 5

Research Forum | Arnau Gifreu Castells on Documentaries and Digital Media, Part 5 | Open Documentary Lab at MIT " this series we focus on analyzing the two main parts that constitute the interactive documentary field: the documentary genre and interactive media. In these articles we introduce an original combined evolution of the digital and Read more about Arnau Gifreu Castells on Documentaries and Digital Media, Part 5[…]

Storytelling in the New Landscape – Doc House

Between the Lines 2013: Storytelling in the New Landscape – The Medium and the Message from DocHouse on Vimeo. DocHouse & the Frontline Club present More information in the blog post on the collabdocs website. Between the Lines Festival | Rich Mix Cinema | 1-3 March 2013 Each technological change in filmmaking has influenced the Read more about Storytelling in the New Landscape – Doc House[…]

Documentary Producing and Interactive Platforms

AFTRS 2012 Masters thesis ‘Documentary Producing and Interactive Platforms: Opportunities, Evolving Processes and the Changing Craft’ by Atalanti Dionysus of The Journey of Documentary website. This research question led to investigation of some of the changes that have occurred in the documentary filmmaking industry and consideration of how approaches toward making a documentary are shifting, Read more about Documentary Producing and Interactive Platforms[…]

Paradigm and syntagm

I came across ‘paradigm and syntagm’ in (Manovich 2001, pp.202-05) and then recently read this analysis in recent paper ‘Remembering Bogle Chandler: an exploration of new media’s storytelling potential’on an interactive docuumentary Remembering Bogle Chandler produced by the author Young. ( I decided to note it here for more thinking some time in the future? Read more about Paradigm and syntagm[…]

Video Reader

A ‘video reader’ (‘interlace software’) being developed by Robert Ochshorn who presented at Video Vortex 9. The lectures and presentations from the event will be brought together into the work in this software. An example of a work made in the software ‘Montage Interdit’ by Eyal Sivan, shown in the screenshot above. An online video Read more about Video Reader[…]