Research Project Workshop

Yesterday, I attended a ‘From question to project’ workshop held by the Non-fiction Research Group to develop a research question into a projects for research funding. This workshop was valuable to start putting in place the skills needed to write a proposal for potential ARC Linkage/Discovery and industry funding. Some brief notes: A very clear Read more about Research Project Workshop[…]

Video Post-industrial Media 0.5

Adrian Miles has made the ‘Post-industrial Video 0.5′ resource available as an insight into teaching practices occurring in the Media program at RMIT University. An excerpt from the post-industrial education webpage: Content still matters, but the experience of learning and being a media practitioner as a mindful, reflective, and critical maker and contributor are explicitly Read more about Video Post-industrial Media 0.5[…]

Video Vortex 9 website

From the about page on the Video Vortex 9 website: Currently we see new configurations of the components of online video culture. Online video platforms such as Youtube are as assemblages of assemblages a sense pointed to by Deleuze, Latour and others: in flux and loosely effecting one another and neighboring contexts like television, journalism, Read more about Video Vortex 9 website[…]

Ceci N’est Pas Embres – Korsakow Film

New Korsakow film Ceci N’est Pas Embres by Matt Soar: Ceci N’est Pas Embres is a ‘database diary’, a highly personal travel document based on the experiences of a Montréal family living in France for six months in 2010. This web-based film, created by Matt Soar and due to be formally launched in September 2012, Read more about Ceci N’est Pas Embres – Korsakow Film[…]

New aesthetics of documentary as contemporary art

Sternberg Press – Maria Lind and Hito Steyerl (Eds.) "Documentary practices make up one of the most significant and complex tendencies within art during the last two decades. Traditional documentary photography and film have been reinvented and reinvigorated by merging with traditions such as video, performance, and conceptual art. Such recent documentary works attest to Read more about New aesthetics of documentary as contemporary art[…]

Video Vortex Assemblages

Video Vortex 9 submissions are due August 31. VideoVortex #9 proposes that now is a time to re-engage with a ‘structural’ analysis of online-video culture. By calling for this re-engagement with structural questions and an analysis of ‘assemblages’, we point to the often loose forms of influence between components and processes each not fully determined Read more about Video Vortex Assemblages[…]

Spark Pikselin workshop

Notes from Brian Smith’s workshop (mainly directed at students): Smith used keynote in the spark presentation to demonstrate interaction design. In this workshop he provided insights into using actions in keynote to create these moves and use it as a visualisation tool. Creating interfaces and mock ups working between photoshop and keynote. Types of development: Read more about Spark Pikselin workshop[…]