Article – Using Video to Present Ethnography

An article by Paper Giant, ‘Using Video to Present Ethnography’ on a the project ‘Energy and Digital Living’ that looks at a video tool that works with tagging.

An excerpt from the article:

Whilst video has been used as a tool in ethnographic practice for some time, research that uses video often avoids using it in the dissemination of that research — some academic journals accept video essays or documentaries, but most still rely primarily on written articles. In these cases, researchers are relegated to using screen-captures of video or linking to external content in order to demonstrate their findings. Fewer still recognise the reflexive relationship between the synthesis of research and video representations of the research context.

This site is an attempt to address these concerns. First, it aims to present video alongside descriptive texts in a way that grants it equal weight and criticism. Second, it actively recognises the reflexive relationship between the synthesis of the research context and the video representations of it, as demonstrated through the way video is tagged, described and embedded in the content of the site. Finally, it opens up this reflexive relationship to the research community by providing an archive of the video content generated through the research.

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